Show theater and music

RESILIENCIA is the poetic experience of the French artist Séverine Fontaine since 2018 in Argentina. Winner of the "résidence sur mesure" program of the French Institute in Paris, Séverine led for several months an anthropological research to meet territories and inhabitants of several regions.

From the intimate to the political, RESILIENCIA is an urban initiatory tale, an invitation to travel, a quest tolearn to look differently. A critique of the occidental dominant system. This theatrical concert is a raw and direct performance combining textual, musical and sound poetry. The show associates in each place of performance the inhabitants of a district and local artists.
Created en March 2021 for the International Festival of Buenos Aires (FIBA)

Concept, text and direction Séverine Fontaine
Collaboration to the text & Traduction Ana Karina Lombardi

Musical direction Minino Garay

Composition and interpretation Minino Garya,  Anahi Rayen Mariluan, Guillermo Chapor and Matias Dante, Claude Gomez (2021)
With the participation of Danilo Ozumas, Enrique Sánchez, Maria Rojas Zambrana, Marta Huarachi Garcia,
Chloé Habonneaud

Conception scenography Séverine Fontaine
En collaboration with Justine Macadoux, Monica Alvarado, Sophie Veber
Fabrication Duilio Della Pittima
Costumes Julieta Harca
Collaboration a la luz Paco Damittio

Thanks to Sandro R. Pichicura (Mapuche) and René Vergara (Chasky)